Hey I'm Caleb I'm 21 brought into this world on November 19, 1989. I'm 5'10 as well. Piss me off and I'll shove a drumstick up your ass and make you buy me a new one. With that said I play drums in a band called Shaking the Broken. I live in a house with my cat, Pepper XD I say rad and gnar a lot so get used to it.

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simpleykatie Asked:
Caleb! I just stopped by to say Hi! because I haven't talked to you in awhile. :) how's Tennessee and everything? and random quesion: what's the song that's playing on your page?(:

My answer:

Hey you! Everythings great found an appt. My cousin might be our new guitar player. How are you? And the song is your betrayl by bullet for my valentine.

lynnetteeee-deactivated20130211 Asked:
hows your rubber ducky! :D jk hey you :)

My answer:

I lost it on my way to TN xD And helloooo

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My cousin Jay aka maybe our new guitarists X)

My cousin Jay aka maybe our new guitarists X)